HI® MASSAGER UK currently ship this product throughout the UK only directly to the customer.

Depending on the current pandemic tier restrictions on force across the UK shipping may take a little longer than normal. You should typically allow for between 3-7 days.

The product is delivered via Royal mail, tracked and signed for.

Shipping time varies for locations such as the Scottish Highlands & Islands & Ireland.

We shall send out an email with information that your product has been dispatched. If you don’t receive an email, it may have been blocked by your email service. Please check your junk mail.

The warranty guarantee for the HI® MASSAGER is 12 months for mechanical or manufacturing defects.  If you have a mechanical failure within 12 months of purchase please let us know and we can get a replacement unit sent to you once we have received the faulty item and it been tested.

The return policy for an unopened Hi Massager product is that it must be returned within 7 days after receiving it for a full refund.  Upon receipt and confirmation it has not been opened we will issue a refund for your purchase price.

The policy for an opened / used products? Since the HI® MASSAGER is used for adult-oriented type massage, we cannot reuse it.  However, we want you to be happy so within 30 days of your purchase you have completed the online training and still aren’t satisfied, you can ship it back to us and upon receipt, we will offer a refund minus a 40% recycling fee for the components.

If you are not having success with Hi® MASSAGER please also contact us directly For more comprehensive support.  Our experience has been that 95% of the time the challenge is that HI® MASSAGER is very different from other products on the market & people don’t know how to use it.  Ideally, we want you to enjoy the benefits thousands of others do daily so we encourage you to first learn how to use the HI® MASSAGER

*Medical Disclaimer – hi® is a percussive massager and can produce positive results for general muscle relaxation that are well documented for this type of massage.  It is also designed specifically for relaxing women’s pelvic and abdominal muscles.  However, hi® has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No medical claims are being made. The hi® product, and or any statements made by this site as well as any associated video, audio, or written content therein, are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. hi® and its related training programs are not intended as medical advice, nor to replace the guidance from a qualified health care professional. This site and all associated content, and products are intended to help share knowledge about wellness and relaxation approaches. Visitors and customers with any medical or health-related concerns are encouraged to contact a qualified health care professional.  The method and related devices used by hi® are patented in the United States, and patent-pending in Australia, Canada, and the European Union.

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